Professional Cleaning Services For North Devon
Swift Cleaner Services


We offer reliable and high quality cleaning services to businesses with days and times to suit. We understand that ensuring your premises give the right perception is not only important for you but also your clients, employees and your brand. We can offer both out of hours or a more visible presence tailored to your requirements. We will help assess your premises requirements and work with you to ensure these are cleaned without disruption to your business

Morning or Evening Cleans

Our core offer is a morning or evening clean of your office premises at a time to suit your business. We are often given keys / codes so there is no requirement for your staff to wait whilst we clean. We will liaise with you regarding any security requirements you may have. Cleaning is to a 5* standard and properties are checked regularly to ensure standards are maintained.

We can on your instruction provide laundry services for Towels/Tea Towels etc. that you may use in your staff wash rooms / kitchens.

Wash Room Services

This service provides a wash room service for businesses where additional attendances are required through the day, over and above a morning / evening clean. We provide a uniformed presence within pre-agreed times to attend and re-clean your facilities meaning they are maintained through-out the day. Ideal where your facilities are used by the public or you have high volumes of usage.

On Site Services

Sometimes having someone on hand can really take the pressure off and provides complete peace of mind. Our on-site services gives you a member of our team present during agreed times to look after your cleaning needs.


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